Monday, November 28, 2011

Farmer's Daughter Maturing Voluptuously

Farmer's Daughter was transferred to secondary after 16 days of primary fermentation at 68 degrees, and I am really pleased with the beer so far.  It has a distinctively dominant Brettanomyces aroma that is tantalizing.  There's an earthiness coupled with a faint barnyard and wet floral note in the background.  The beer is characteristically red and still pretty hazy as active fermentation is still going strong.  The initial fermentation brought the gravity down to a very respectable 3.6 P from an original gravity of 17.1 P.  The final product is going to have a higher ABV than allowable in the BJCP style guidelines, but who ever complained about a beer being too delicious and alcoholic?  Now it's time to wait and let Brett, Pedio and Lacto slowly finish the job.

I've also officially given my auto siphon, carboy brush and two Better Bottles over to funk fermentations.  Now I have a reason to buy some new equipment.

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