Friday, April 13, 2012

Tasting Notes: Forsythia Milk Stout

After passing the BJCP Entrance Exam and earning the (somewhat arbitrary) rank of Provisional Judge, I have a lot of practicing to do in order to get ready for the BJCP Tasting Exam.  I'm going to try and complete BJCP scoresheets more consistently for beers that I make and commercial beers that I taste and have an opportunity to evaluate conscientiously. Here goes...

Forsythia Milk Stout

I brewed this as a vehicle for Nottingham yeast experimentation in conjunction with an Irish Red Ale.  I was looking for big flavors and lower alcohol-something drinkable and satisfying with complex roasted flavor.  The roasted barley (1.5 lbs, 11% of the grist) is the star attraction and it might take itself a little too seriously.  I think I may have taken the roast too far as it tends to dominate the rest of the flavors in the beer.  I'd like there to be more balance in this beer, but it makes a huge (and positive) impression.    

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