Saturday, March 10, 2012

Irish Brew Day Tomorrow!

The next Brew Off! homebrew competition has been hashed out, with Irish Red as the style chosen.  I've never made an Irish Red before, but I have always wanted to experiment with Nottingham Ale Yeast.  I know that there are plenty of other yeasts suitable for brewing a beer like this, but Nottingham has intrigued me for years. I think it's because it seems like its been available for a long time (in homebrewing years) and has been used for some of the recipes that I read about when I first started brewing.  Also, as I start to think about the different ways that beers are fermented and maintain an open visage in regards to the creation of flavors using different microbiological cultures, I think it's appropriate and essential that dry yeasts make their way into the conversation.  I'm a huge fan of Safale yeasts (both because they work great and are relatively inexpensive) and I'm excited to try Nottingham and see if it's reputation for a clean fermentation can help bring out the sort of nonthreatening maltiness that one might expect in an Irish Red.  With Nottingham in mind, I went ahead and formulated an additional recipe for a Milk Stout-another style I have yet to brew.  So tomorrow, Ben and I are going to bang out two Irish ales.  Maybe the milk stout will be ready for St. Patrick's Day.  Link to the recipe's below:

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