Saturday, March 10, 2012

A New Homebrew Competition

For as long as I've been homebrewing, there's never been a shortage of excuses to get together and share beer.  While weekend nights at someone's house are always fun, local homebrew competitions among friends take that comaraderie to an elevated level.  There's been various incarnations over the years.  Red Off! 1, Red Off! 2 and Red Off! 3 really started the whole thing, getting bigger and bigger each year.  The Brown Ale Competition last year brought another large group of homebrewers into the mix.  Now, a new competition has been devised with a special twist.  Here's the way it went down:

1.  Participants selected their two preferred BJCP styles and submitted them via email.  

2.  All of the different styles were placed in a container and chosen from.  

3.  The selected style provides the parameters for the next homebrew competition.  

The whole rationale behind this method is that styles submitted by multiple brewers would have a better chance of being selected.  However, there's also the possibility that a challenging or unpopular style could be selected, adding some intrigue to the process.  Lewy came over a few nights ago with some Mission beer to share and we made the selection.  A date for the competition hasn't been set yet, but we're shooting for late April.  See the selection video below (that's my daughter, Claire, picking the style):


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