Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Easy Inspiration for A New Beer

Fermentation chamber with chalkboard painted doors.
With my fermentation chamber nearing completion, I don't have to try hard to find motivation to brew.  Last Tuesday, Lewy came by with a bottle of his Portsmouth Kate the Great clone beer.  The hype surrounding Portsmouth's KTG offering is at a level inhabited by a select few other craft beer releases (Pliny the Younger and Dark Lord come to mind) and Lewy's clone did not disappoint in the least. On the contrary, it made me want more.  So I decided to take the plunge, test my patience and make a clone of it myself.

Dark and roasty with a confluence of aged flavorings that are at once familiar and hard to identify with the right words.  There's apparent oak and bourbon flavors, some vanilla, currant and burnt wood as well.  It's not malty and retains some residual sweetness that adds to the warming provided by the high ABV.  Lewy based his recipe on the information provided by the brewer, Tom Mott, and publicized by way of the Home Brew Talk forum.  I did the same but made some adjustments based on recommendations made by The Mad Fermentationist.  I simplified the hop additions added additional chocolate and roasted malts and selected WLP060 American Ale Yeast Blend to give it a more lager-like finish without compromising the things I like about WLP001 CA Ale.  Click below to see my recipe:


After primary fermentation, I plan to age the beer on oak cubes that have been soaked in bourbon in much the same way that Lewy did.  Cheers to waiting 6+ months for satisfaction!


  1. I have to say the fridge looks great in your garage. I was sorry to see it leave our shop. As for KtG I think I got lucky on my batch. Spilling out of the kettle, not controlling fermentation and a complete lack of any timeline. Somehow the beer gods decided to steer my beer in the right direction. I hope your follows mine with as much tasty goodness. I can't wait for that 1st taste at about 3 months in the carboy.

    1. Right now KTG is resting cozily in my bastard pin lock keg. I rigged a check valve into the lid and it burps now and then telling me I still have to wait. The tasting prior to adding oak was really good. I had a moment of weakness when I considered bottling it right there. Thanks for the recipe help!


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